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Exams are administered upon completion of elementary, intermediate or advanced courses. The courses can be taken through the DNB's correspondence courses or at other educational institutions, like university or college. To earn Elementary and Intermediate certification, an exam grade of 85% or higher is required. Students who do not pass the exam have one more chance to earn the certificate by taking a back-up exam. See Studying Advanced Labanotation for Advanced exam requirement. Exams may be requested at

Dance Notation Bureau will post and update the list of students who pass the exam as soon as the exam is reviewed.

Recent Students Passing Exams


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Elementary Labanotation Exam: $75.
Intermediate Labanotation Exam: $75.
Advanced Labanotation Exam: $200 for exam grading ($100 for each grader).
Advanced Labanotation Exam: $250 for reading project.
Advanced Labanotation Exam: $200 for written project.
Certificate: $20 each (Certificate is suitable for framing, not required for certification.) Note: Please contact the DNB for additional postage and handling fees on foreign mail.

Please note that there will be additional $75 to take the back-up Elementary exam and intermediate exam. Please contact for payment method.

Recent Students Passing Exams
(The list was last updated on 3/8/2019)

Advanced Level

Fenella Kennedy (England)
Rachael Riggs Leyva (Ohio)

Intermediate Level

Aspdisia Dania (Greece)
Emily Kirwan (England)
Rebekah Kitson (England)
Beth Megill (California)
Gabrial Mitchell (Ohio)
Brianne Presley (Ohio)

Raymundo Ruiz (Mexico)

Elementary Level

Shriya Bhattacharya (Georgia)
I-Min Chen (Taiwan)
Ya-Mei Chen (Taiwan)
Ting-Chen Kuo (Taiwan)
Chieh-Hsi Jiang (Taiwan)
Carmella Lauer (New York)
Miao Li (China)
Lan Liu (China)

Juan Juan Lu (China)
Steven Melendez (New York)
Lucie Nezri (Europe)
Desiree A. Quintero (Malaysia)
Ailla Caroline Farias Rodrigues (Brazil)
Thaisa Martins Coelho dos Santos (Brazil)
Jing Sui (China)
Wen-Bing Yuan (Taiwan)

Movement Observation and Motif Notation

Marcus Vinicius Machado de Almeida (Brazil)
Fei Fei Cao (China)
Ning Chen (China)
Shanshan Chen (China)
Xin Chen (China)
Yalu Chen (China)
Yu Chen (China)
Erika Choe (Virginia)
Yeying Dai (China)
Xiaojiao Dong (China)
Yuquing Fan (China)
Ruizhi Fu (China)
Yingming Fu (China)
Jiayi Hu (China)
Jiying Huang (China)
Xiaoxia Huang (China)
Lei Huo (China)
Zhiwei Jing (China)
Jingxuan Lai (China)
Lihua Li (China)
Miao Li (China)
Sijia Li (China)
Ting Lin (China)
Dan Liu (China)
Lan Liu (China)
Shuang Shuang Liu (China)
Yi Liu (China)
Juanjuan Lu (China)
Xiao Lu (China)
Chunliang Ma (China)
Yu Ma (China)
Mengling Man (China)
Jia Meng (China)
Desiree Quintero (Malaysia)
Rina Sha (China)
Huiting Song (China)
Jing Sui (China)
Liping Tang (China)
Yi Tang (China)
Xiaoxin Tian (China)
Lisa Vinzant (Missouri)
Heng Wang (China)
Jiawei Wang (China)
Kaiya Wang (China)
Ke Wang (China)
Miao Wang (China)
Yuanwen Wang (China)
Lei Wu (China)
Ying Xi (China)
Li Xiao (China)
Jihuan Xie (China)
Man Xu (China)
Yan Xue (China)
Yayang Yang (China)
Qili Yi (China)
Kailiang Yu (China)
Yuan Yuan (China)
Qiao Zeng (China)
Xiaoxiang Zeng (China)
Suqin Zhang (China)
Wei Zhang (China)
Xiaomei Zhang (China)
Ziyan Zhang (China)
Xiaolan Zhao (China
Lisa Vinzant (Missouri)