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Walker, Norman

 Variations from Day to Day. Excerpts

Music: Johannes Brahms: Variations on a Theme by Haydn*
Length: Approx. 1:30 minutes each
Costume: Leotard and circular skirt
Consultancy: Required

[*Public domain: Music in the public domain requires no permission or fees for use.]

Based on the poem "Monday's Child is Fair of Face" and choreographed in a Graham based vocabulary.

 Tuesday: Woman's solo: Broad, sweeping movement with generous spatial projection. The large movement is punctuated with quickness and sufficient strength for suspended leaps. Requires a big dancer.
 Friday: Woman's solo: Quick, clean and precise. Pithy and flippant in style. Rhythmic precision necessary. Requires a small dancer who is light and can skim the floor. Technically difficult.
 Saturday: Man's solo: Strength, directness and good control are required to project a solid male image. The dance is tongue in cheek; this dancer has to work hard to earn a dollar.

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