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Redlich, Don

 Passin' Through

Music: A mix from the record "A Goofing Off Suite" by Pete Seeger
Length: 9 minutes
Costume: Shirt and pants, shoes and socks, arm bands, suspenders and a hat
Notation: 1985-1986, good quality, score unchecked
Consultancy: Required

Don Redlich's signature piece, continuously performed since 1959. Various dance styles are incorporated into the choreography including tap, jazz, gymnastics and the Hanya Holm technique. The hero is an entertaining version of a vaudevillian country hick. Needs a dancer with a feeling for character work, an expansive personality and the ability to perform quick, complex rhythms.

Above: Anne D'Aversa (The Ohio State University, 2001) in three moments from "Passin' Through." Images courtesy Anne D'Aversa.

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