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Montague, George

 Pas de Six. Variations III, VII and X

Music: From La Peri by Anton Burgmuller
Length: 2 minutes
Costume: Simple knee-length romantic tutu
Notation: By the choreographer, 1980, revised 1996; excellent quality, score checked.
Consultancy: Preferred

Three lovely classical variations from a 1972 work created as a tribute to August Bournonville for American Festival Ballet and now in the repertory of several American, Canadian and European companies. Variation III is a grand allegro, demanding excellent ballon and flowing movement quality. Variation VII, a polka, requires strong pointe work and batterie. Variation X, the shortest, is also the most technically difficult, needing speed, a good jump and secure hops on pointe. These variations have been taught with great success in advanced variations classes. Although the music is from an out of print London LP, a tape is available from the DNB.


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