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Louis, Murray

 Stravinsky Montage. Firebird excerpt.

Music: Igor Stravinsky, L'Oiseau de Feu
Length: 3 minutes
Costume: Specially designed unitard with one full sleeve attached
Notation: 1982, good quality, score unchecked
Consultancy: Required

A hauntingly beautiful abstract depiction of the mythical firebird. Requires a technically strong, musical female modern dancer who can express the birdlike qualities in the choreography, convey an alluring and mysterious mood and hold the audience captive. Notated when Murray Louis created the movement for women in his company.


Music: Johan Sebastian Bach: Prelude and Fugue in D Minor*
Length: 9 minutes
Costume: Specially designed unitard
Set: A piano, if music is performed live
Consultancy: Required

[*Public domain: Music in the public domain requires no permission or fees for use.]

A quirky male solo in three parts which Louis originally created for himself. Begins with many changes in arabesque position with stillness between, continuing with a bouncy and vital section of isolated body movements, winding down suddenly to the initial stillness. A proficient interpreter of the Louis style is essential.


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