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Holm, Hanya

 Ratatat. 5 solos.

Music: Recorded percussion music by Baby Dodds
Costume: White jumpsuits and jazz oxfords
Notation: Good quality, 1985-86
Consultancy: Required

Ratatat is a ballet parade. It contains the essence of all parades: joy, pride, and splendor. Each solo may be performed by a man or a woman.
 Solo 1 - Quirky; something is frightening the dancer.
 Solo 2 - Strong and percussive.
 Solo 3 - Vibrating. Electrifying footwork.
 Solo 4 - Playful and strong.
 Solo 5 - Seamless and smooth.

 Rota. Wanderer-Fantasy (section 2)

Music: George Crumb, Music for a Summer Evening - Section 2
Length: 5 minutes
Costume: Unitard with a simple ribbing design
Notation: 1985, good quality, score checked
Consultancy: Required

A male solo originally created for Don Redlich. The piece has a mystical, dreamlike quality. Accompaniment is for two amplified pianos and percussion. Occasionally other dancers pass through, but this is basically a solo.

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