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Bettis, Valerie

 The Desperate Heart

Music: Bernardo Segall
Poem: The Desperate Heart by John Malcolm Brinnen
Length: 7 minutes, 30 seconds
Costume: Long full skirt
Notation: 1973-1976, good quality
Consultancy: Suggested

Danced to the accompaniment of both poetry and music, this is a dramatic remembrance of a lost time - a lost love.

It requires a female dancer of especially strong technical ability, able to articulate the contrasting dynamics of the movement which convey the emotional and dramatic intent. A fine solo, very much of its time but still viable.

Above and left: Valarie Mockabee, Professor of Dance at The Ohio State University, in The Desperate Heart. Photograph reproduced with permission from The Desperate Heart Preservation Project CD-ROM.


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