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Amowitz, Georgette Weisz

 And After the Journey

Music: Heiter Villa Lobos
Length: 6:45 minutes
Costume: Dark, long-sleeved leotard, calf-length circular skirt and a knitted wool shawl. Dark ballet slippers and tights optional.
Set: Dark bench
Notation: 1977-1978, good quality, score checked
Consultancy: Preferred

A dramatic work for a woman requiring maturity, advanced technique and exceptional acting ability. The program note reads, "Her sponsor is late, and for the refugee, the waiting begins."

Graham technique is helpful but not required. Strong ballet technique may also be a good preparation.

Above: Video captures of Lisa Green (The Juilliard School, 1984) in "And After the Journey." Images courtesy Billie Mahoney and Georgette Gorchoff.

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