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Teaching Folk Dancing


Folk or national dance - Its place in education

General principles

Selection and use of material

The teaching of steps

Some particular steps

  • Polka
  • Waltz
  • Two-step
  • Pivot step

The Dances

  • Siebenschritt (Seven Steps)
  • Studentenpolka
  • Treffner Tanz
  • Jabadao
  • Laridé de la côte
  • Polka piquée
  • Baidouska (Pigeon-Toed)
  • Easter Trata
  • Trata Megaritiki
  • Tsakonikos
  • Bat Yiftah (Jepthah's Daughter)
  • Debka Druze
  • Ta'am Haman (The Taste of Manna)

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